Our Projects

In addition to the primary initiatives described in our portfolio, we also undertake smaller strategic projects. These are usually synergistic with the main initiatives, increasing the value of our intellectual property, and enabling us to explore new ideas that may one-day become standalone business units or ventures in our portfolio.



We're developing a new web app that means you'll never again miss an event of interest. Building on our knowledge of the tourism industry, event managment and #hyperlocal media, we hope to beta test the service in Malvern soon, and then role out to other communities around the country and indeed the world!


We're working on a collaborative project to explore the commercial potential of combining blockchain technology with anti-counterfeiting systems to create a robust solution to the age-old problem of fake goods and corrupt supply chains. 

QR Codes on the Hills

We developed and deployed a number of robust, low cost QR (Quick Response) Codes on the Malvern Hills and surrounding towns and villages to disseminate tourist information. Being unobtrusive and compact, users can access up-to-date and relevant information without there being a major impact on the surrounding environment.  We worked with Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Route to the Hills project, Malvern Hills Conservators and Malvern Hills District Council.

NFC on the Hills

As a follow-up to the successful deployment of QR Codes, we explored deploying near-field communication chips in specific locations. We sourced rugged units that will withstand the harsh outside environment in the area, as well as lower cost compatible alternatives for less severe operating conditions.



We're testing a new search feature with BlockMark Technologies: